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Vegan bagel filled with seitan, at Café Vux in Berlin

If you know of a restaurant which has good vegan options but doesn't mark them on the menu or otherwise advertise them clearly, then you can help us by suggesting that they get in touch with us!

We're looking for restaurants which have several options that may well already be vegan, or which might be easily veganisable – perhaps they have a good vegetarian section, but it's unclear whether any of those dishes are vegan.

Vegan chocolate cake at DopHert in Amsterdam

We're not looking for restaurants which have refused to cater to vegans, or which have very few potentially veganisable dishes.

Send our sample message (below) to the restaurant, or write your own message, explaining that they can contact us for free advice.

“From little acorns…”

We're currently just starting up this project, so we're restricting our activities to the city of Groningen in the Netherlands for the near future. Ultimately we'd like to write a guide to helping restaurants become vegan-friendly, which we can then provide to volunteers elsewhere, to create a network of veganisers!

So if you're vegan and would like to start making your town's restaurants more vegan-friendly, please do get in touch, and we'll work together.

Vegan sushi in Warsaw

Why we ask you to contact the restaurant

We've learned that restaurant owners are more likely to respond to personal messages from customers – especially if the message is posted on one of their social media accounts.

Sample message

Feel free to copy and paste this sample message to restaurant owners.

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Vegan Danish pastry cinnamon swirls by Black Sheep Café in Berlin

Let us know!

If you'd like to let us know which restaurants you've contacted, get in touch and we'll keep you informed of our progress.