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Free support for café and restaurant owners

Vegan cheese nachos and burger at Chaostheorie in Berlin

Let us help you offer more plant-based dishes, for free!

More and more people are choosing to eat plant-based food, and as a food business owner you can't afford to ignore this growing number of customers.

We can help you provide clear information and the best service to these vegan and vegan-curious customers! (It's also very beneficial for people with allergies such as lactose or seafood.)

Vegan Thai curry at Cat Tuong in Berlin

But there is no need to buy in strange or expensive ingredients! It may well be easy to develop a vegan version of some of your regular dishes, or perhaps some of your vegetarian options can easily be made vegan.

We're not trying to turn your business into an avant garde eatery, but merely to help you make small changes that can help serve your customers better.

Vegan cheesecake at Loving Hut in London

What we offer you

We are vegans who want to see more vegan options in the city. Our short-term goals are simply to…

Saté skewers and nasi rice at Loving Hut in Amsterdam

What do vegans eat, and what don't they eat?

Vegans don't use any animal products. Of course, that includes meat, fish, dairy, eggs and honey. But it also includes gelatine, fish oil, ghee, animal-derived E-numbers and products made with these animal ingredients.

So vegans eat only plant-based products, but that doesn't mean that vegan food has to be bland and boring. Nor is veganism a wellness fad, so vegan food doesn't necessarily have to be healthy!

Vegan pizza at Zeus in Berlin

And yes, all the photos on this site are of 100%-vegan food served at cafés and restaurants in the UK, Germany, the Netherlands and Poland.

Almost every type of food you can think of can be either made or bought-in as a vegan version – burgers, cheese, mayonnaise, cakes, cream…

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