Veganise NL

About this project

Trésor amazing sweet chocolatey creamy thing by OhLaLa in Berlin

We are a group of vegans who would like to see more options available at restaurants and takeaways – to begin with, in the city of Groningen, but eventually throughout the Netherlands, and ultimately the world!

Tofu scramble sandwich at DopHert in Amsterdam

We have experienced great vegan food in other cities around Europe and noticed the rise in veganism in the Netherlands over the past few years, but we feel that there is demand for vegan food which is going unmet by many restaurants in this area.

Ice cream at Kontor Eisladen in Berlin

There are several restaurants here which do in fact serve vegan food, but don't make this information clear. Far too often vegans are expected to have discussions with staff or know which restaurants have these secret vegan options.

We think that's a problem. Veganism shouldn't be a secret, something only for the active, confident and experienced! This information should be made easy to find, so that customers can make an informed choice.

Vegan 'kapsalon' (cheesy chips with kebab 'meat') at Friet van Piet in Groningen

So we want to offer our help to check that vegan options really do contain no animal products, and to clearly indicate this on menus. We also want to help restaurants to offer more vegan dishes – for example, vegetarian options often need only a small change to become vegan.

Vegan pizza at La Stella Nera in Berlin

We believe that spreading information about veganism is great, but people also need options. Eating out should be easy and stress free – even for vegans, and those who want to begin trying veganism, or are considering it. Having to cross-examine the staff shouldn't be necessary!

The easier it is to find vegan food, the more people will eat vegan food.